Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ruth at 2 months

at 2 months Ruth...

still has quite a bit of hair! Maybe a receding hairline...but I can't tell that she's lost much. No bald spot at the back like my babies usually have! Her hair sticks straight up at the crown and I just can't get myself to smooth it down, it's so fluffy and sweet!

is CHUNKY. She had her monthly check up yesterday and she's gained 3 pounds since our last visit, putting her at the 95th percentile for weight and 75th for height.

is a great nurser! Winnie was really hard to nurse so this is a welcome change. She goes right to business and drains me every time (as evidenced by the scale).

smiles and coos. Her gurgly coos are the stuff dreams are made of, my heart wants to burst every time she does it! She's also been locking eyes and smiling a ton, especially right before or after nursing. Every time she sees the goods she gives a huge smile which is hilarious! She loves that cream!  My cheeks get quite the work out smiling at her and Clara's new favorite past time is "getting a smile from Rooof", so sweet. 

has the squishiest rolls. I have to clean them out every day, she has a particularly troublesome one on the back of her knee that hides a ridiculous amount of lint. 

continues to love her baths

has a really strong neck and holds her head up well but still hates tummy time!

has been on a good sleeping streak! She's slept 7-8.5 hours at night for the past 18 days with the significant exception of two nights of 5 hours....which felt worse than they should've given our new sleep expectations. We're so spoiled.

gets lots of love from her sisters. Any time she cries Winnie immediately runs over and tries to shove her binky in her mouth saying "don't coo-why Roof! Shhh Shhh!" in a high pitched voice and Clara gives her kisses and hugs all throughout the day. She's so lucky.

has continued to be so calm and consolable, she's just a joy of a baby!

it feels like she's been here so much longer than two months, in the best way possible. We love you Ruth Elanor, thank you for coming to us, we couldn't be more grateful for you!

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