Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ruth's Blessing

This past Sunday was Ruth's blessing day! Steve gave her a beautiful blessing and we felt the spirit of the Lord so strongly. I'm grateful for these special spirits we have the privilege to bring into our home! I just feel an overwhelming gratitude for our family, for my sweet husband and for Jesus Christ who brings us peace and every other good thing we are blessed with. It was such a special day, we were surrounded by family and really great friends. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of everyone who came...? I don't really know what I was thinking. I guess we were just having too much fun ;) I did get some really sweet ones of Ruth and our family though. I'm looking at these now and realizing that I don't think I can realistically call it our little family anymore! We're legit! I made Ruth's little fascinator and found her vintage dress on Etsy. She looked like a little angel. After church we had our friends and family over for a light lunch and let all the kids run wild in the back yard. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the full spread owing to the fact that I was just getting the quiche out of the oven as everyone was arriving/ready to eat! My mother-in-law did snap a pic of it half finished (thanks Gena!) so that will have to do! We had fruit pizzas and croissants with ham+cheese thanks to my mom, macarons from Kevin and Gena, salad from my Aunt Tammy (she's a master at salads), homemade quiche by yours truly and strawberry milk and sparkling lemonades from Lucy! Thank you for all who contributed, it was delicious and beautiful!

Overall it was a perfect day celebrating our sweet chunk! I'm feeling all the feels for all the wonderful people in our life. Happy blessing day baby Ruth, we love you so much little darling.

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