Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ruth Elanor is 3 months old

at 3 months Ruth...

is constantly trying to shove her entire fist in her mouth

gives the best gummy smiles, her entire face lights up. They melt me every time!

Consistently sleeps 10-10.5 hours a night

is very social and loves to coo and tell stories on your lap

has THE MOST DELICIOUS ROLLS. I can't handle it. I'm pretty much trying to eat her all day, every day

still has a lot of hair and's looking pretty auburn! Could we be lucky enough to get a red head??? Jury is still out and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

loves her baths

is obsessed with ceiling fans and will lay happily under one just mesmerized, it's hilarious!

is mostly known as Ruthie at this point (or Roofie from her sisters)

has bright blue eyes, I think it's safe to say they're the bluest of the three

has a resting "concerned face" or furrowed brow that is hilarious

will every now and then give a chuckle (sometimes in her sleep!) that is the cutest sound on Earth

stops crying the moment she sees me. It's really sweet, I don't even have to pick her up, as long as I'm in her line of sight she'll calm down. 

is totally at the stage of grabbing onto things and pulling out my hair

loves both her sisters and puts up with a lot of love from both of them

Ruth, my darling darling girl. You're are the most wonderful, magical baby. We love you so much and thank our lucky stars every day that you came to join our family! You make me want 10 more babies just like you! Every time I smell your sweet neck and kiss those perfect cheeks I want to freeze time and stay here with you forever. You are so so loved.

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