Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The "BYU Seven" Girls Trip 2017

Well it's been almost a month.... but I got to go on an amazing trip with all my best BYU gals in Utah over Memorial Day weekend! Kasee hosted us at her new house in Lehi and had everything decked out and planned perfectly, as is her wont. She is, and always has been, the party planning extraordinaire! I was really bad at lugging my actual camera around (something about already having a largish baby on my hip all the time) but I did get these cute group photos (or rather Don did, thanks Don!) but the shenanigans were heavily documented on instagram (#byu7reunion), so I don't feel too bad about it ;) 

We met each other in the dorms our freshmen year at BYU. Taylor Hall forever!! We proceeded to live with each other in different variations throughout our undergrad tenure and have loved each other ever since. Around 9 years ago when we were all going our separate ways (me-->Jerusalem, Susan-->Hawaii, Erin-->San Diego, Ellen and Caroline-->Missions, Molly-->India, Kasee-->Utah...I think I got that all right) we got together to say goodbye and decided we were going to have a big reunion every 5 years! We also filmed ourselves to say where we thought we'd be the next time we got together, it's every bit as cheesy and awesome as it sounds. We continue the tradition every reunion! Along with our iconic group photos...lol

This was our second reunion (here was the first). We mostly stayed up way too late talking every night, visited our old stomping grounds in Provo, shopped, laughed until we cried, reminisced, went through old pictures and videos, threw a surprise shower for Erin and ate A LOT OF FOOD. It was heaven. It's hard to express what this group of women mean to me. We met each other at a time in life when you're deciding who you want to be without any of those ties to home that would've defined you. I feel like they were my angels, becoming the support and friendship I never had in High School. I'll never forget Molly bringing me ice cream to my dorm because she found out I was sick... I had the flu and was so homesick and lonely. It was an answer to years of prayers and led to the friendships that have blessed my whole life! We know each other's back story...all the weird ex-boyfriends and soul searching, the ups and downs of college, meeting our future spouses... it's such a rich friendship and I know it'll only grow stronger the older we get. I love you ladies! Miss you already.

^^I kind of love this picture! Also, Kasee's mom is totally just Kasee in 40 years^^

^^all the babies on the trip, in utero or otherwise^^

^^^her face right here is everything^^^

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  1. Awwwwwwww!!! I love this! And I love you, and the 7! So fun that you wrote about it!


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