Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Ruth Elanor Marcum. You stop growing up right this instant!

at four months old Ruth...

retains quite a bit of auburn hair and gets asked often, while out and about at the store with her mom, if she is in fact a red head. To which I respond...I don't know. But I kind of hope so!

is soooooo chunky! We have dubbed her our "chub a lub", or "chubby chubby monkey". She's so buttery and delicious I want to chew on her all day long.

has lovely denim blue eyes. The bluest of the three, I should think.

is SO smiley! Any face she catches in her peripheral gets a huge squinty-eyed, chubby-cheeked grin from her and it's contagious. My cheeks get quite a work out every day smiling back at her, it feels like my wedding day all over again ;)

is an adept hair-grabber and often has a chunk of mine hidden in her fists.

in the same line of thought, she's started chuckling and full-on belly laughing and it's.the.best. I can see why J.M. Barrie said a fairy was born every time a baby laughs....I'm a believer, it's completely magical. She's started to get quite ticklish on her belly, arm pits and neck rolls (I can't come out and call it a neck...as it hasn't yet seen daylight) and can often be seen receiving raspberries from Clara or I as a result. It's the stuff of dreams, we're the luckiest.

loves to suck on her fist and often finds her thumb...much to my chagrin. She very obviously finds the binky insulting in these cases but I'm determined to dissuade her. I'll keep you updated on further developments.

continues to be a great little nurser and dives in at any given opportunity.

loves her mommy and stops crying as soon as she catches sight of me. I don't even need to pick her up (of course...if I don't pick her up within a couple minutes of seeing me she'll continue, but you know.) I don't remember the other girls doing this, but it's so sweet. 

gets lots of cuddles and attention from her sisters. The sibling love is real and it makes my heart so happy.

is really strong and can sit quite snugly on my hip now.

loves looking and smiling at herself in the mirror and we end of doing the multiple times throughout our days.

Ruth darling, you are such a delight of a baby. I told your daddy the other day that I truly love each moment of being your mom. I look forward to getting you out of your crib every morning and miss you when you sleep. You are a blessing to every person in this family and spread joy wherever you go! We love you little chub.


  1. Gah! She is such a delicious babe! Love her rolls and chunkiness. My Gwen is 3 or so weeks younger, and I love watching your little lady and seeing the similarities of their ages. So happy she's such a fun and sweet baby for you!

  2. So sweet. You take such great photos of your kids!! I am looking for contributors over at the Toddler Test Kitchen... Would you be interested in writing a guest post? I'd love to chat with you about it can you email me at toddlertestkitchen @ gmail? :) -Bethany


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