Monday, August 14, 2017

5 months old

How we are almost half a year into her life is completely beyond me.

at five months Ruth....

can scoot/turn sideways in her crib and sometimes even pulls a complete 180... but is nowhere near rolling over. We produce chunky, slow moving babies and I am COMPLETELY ok with that! 

is starting to reach for and play with toys, so sweet.

engages (?) very easily. You really only have to glance her way and she lights up with a huge smile! She makes me feel like a million bucks every day.

still has auburnish hair!!

is vocal and can be quite loud when she fancies it. Often times I'll look back, thinking she's crying, only to discover a wide grin behind her screeches. It's hilarious! Just testing out those vocal chords and ever so pleased with herself.

in the same line, sometimes she actually is crying and all she wants is for you to look at her. As soon as you do she immediately starts laughing! lol. A social creature, this one. 

loves her sisters and they love her! They often beat me to her crib when she cries, so excited to get her up!

is starting to get a little distracted while nursing....grrr

is still gunning after that pictured below.

has started grabbing my face for big, wet, slightly violent kisses and I LOVE IT! All my girls have done this (probably all babies do it) and it's one of my favorite parts of babyhood. 

has tried (with various levels of success) avocados, peaches, chicken and wheat farina. Her favorite is wheat farina, which is basically cream of wheat. She LOVES it. I've never done any kind of cereal with my other girls but apparently it's high in iron and we're really trying to avoid those iron supplements this time around. Yucky.

is sooooo ticklish. Especially on her collarbone, armpits and ribs. Every night we have a little giggle fest and I look forward to it all day! 

Is really good at falling asleep on her own. She usually sleeps around 4-6 hours during the day and 10.5-12 hours at night. 

loves looking at herself in the mirror, which is not at all surprising considering the extreme cuteness of her reflection. 

is getting quite sturdy sitting on my hip which is so nice. She's my chubby little appendage and I love it. 

^^this photo is so hilarious to me^^

This stage of babyhood is so exhausting and magical and completely delicious. Ruth and I are a package deal and I wouldn't have it any other way! I find myself often musing about how sad I'll be when this phase is over (then I have to remind myself that it will also come with more sleep and less worry). It feels like it'll be right around the corner with her being my third and I just want to soak in every minute of it. You're magical baby Ruth! We love you so much little darling.

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