Friday, January 12, 2018

Winnie Mae is 3

I can't quite believe it! 3 years old today. Winnie came into this world fast on a bright sunny day, fitting as she is such a ray of sunshine in our family! She was then, and continues to be, one of the most cuddly, physically affectionate children I have ever met. She has a special talent for love and can brighten any room. Her New Year's Resolution this year was to give Ruth a hug and kiss every day. Melt my heart. Her and Clara get along and play so well together, which is really just the best pay off as a Mom. They truly love each other and Winnie requests a hug AND A KISS every day when we drop Clara off at school (I should also mention that Clara always acquiesces without complaint). With those blonde ringlets and that dimple it's pretty hard for us to deny her anything.... and I think she's pretty well aware of the fact.

She's earned the nickname "Mighty Mouse" because even though she may be kind of a peanut she packs a punch, literally and figuratively. You can't boss Winnie around! She loves to scrunch up her nose and give grumpy faces randomly to make me laugh. The same face serves as her "baby lion" act, her ROARS are particularly choice. Wrestling with Dad is at the top of her favorite activities and the way she throws her body around without reserve is hilarious. One of her favorite ways to greet other small persons she is fond of (cousins, bff's, Clara, etc) is a running, open armed hug/tackle to the ground. If you have not witnessed this, I recommend that you do so.

She is a girly girl through and through and loves to dance, paint her nails, brush hair (not her own, as it is thick and curly and most often very tangly), and wear "beeful dwesses". Above all, the beautiful dresses. She is quite opinionated about what she wears and getting her dressed is most often a battle of the wills, usually resulting in some form of compromise or peace treaty. She would wear dress up, heels and my red lip stick every single day if she had her way. I took the girls (along with Caroline and Eleanor) to see the Nutcracker in downtown Fresno this year and ever since she has been OBSESSED. She wants to listen to the orchestra music every day in the car, but even better is dancing with Daddy at home (in the frilliest of dresses, obviously) with the sketchy youtube video of the New York City Ballet performing in the background. She gets so serious during the lifts and arabesques. It's amazing.

She loves reading books at night and would really sit and let me read to her for hours. I'll often come into her room after bed to find Clara fast asleep and Winnie quietly thumbing through a book in her bed. She's a night owl, and a late riser...I wonder where she gets that from? Almost every day she begs me to go ride "hoeses" at Papa's ranch. A girl after my own heart.  She is randomly obsessed with my mom's car and anytime she sees her and doesn't get to ride in her car ends up being a little bit of a disappointment. lol. She loves saying family or meal time prayers and it's all Steve and I can do to not burst out laughing. The things she says are random and hilarious and heartbreakingly sweet. Some repeated phrases are "tank you for Sana bwing my bike" "Tank you for pway wif Clara" "beeful dwesses" and there's usually a thank you thrown in there for anything in her line of sight at the time. It's the best.

I should mention that since Clara has been in school her vocabulary has exploded! My pediatrician said it would, but it's just so funny to see how true it's been. We can't get her to stop talking! lol. The best is when she's on a roll but can't think of what to say next so she starts saying "BUT...BUT.....BUT" to hold her place in the conversation. Her little voice is so darling and although Clara and I are the only ones who understand a good chunk of what she says, I've really enjoyed this new "vocal Winnie" phase.

We love you sweet Winnie Mae! We can't imagine life before you came along. Happy Birthday curly sue.

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